SARYLAR A journey to the Karabakh horses


SARYLAR is a documentary film about a personal quest for the legendary Karabakh horse and an expedition to the country, where these horses have been at  home for centuries - Azerbaijan. Pauli, a young student from Wales, hears that even the Queen of England had a beautiful Karabakh stallion for years. She learns about the uniqueness of this breed, which is on the brink of extinction.


Consequently, Pauli travels from England to Azerbaijan to learn more about the breed and to meet  the people who care about the survival and the future of the Karabakh horse. Slowly she comes to realize that horses need a home country, a place where they originally came from and where they developed their unique nature.




When Pauli arrives in Azerbaijan, she is fascinated by its wonderful nature and the beauty of the Caucasus Mountains. Her curiosity leads her to remote parts of the Caucasus, where she meets a shepherd boy. She hears tales and legends of the Karabakh horse.


Finally Cefer, a young stable boy, leads her to a huge herd of Karabakh  horses in the plains. Surrounded by them, Pauli understands the meaning of the word home and how much humans and animals depend on each other.